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9. Prototype Production

Prototype Production Now that you have some great final suppliers all signed up, we are ready to get into producing a prototype. In this step,

8. Signing Final Suppliers

Once you’ve received your quotes and everyone’s happy with the prices, it’s time to lock your supplier in to manufacturing by signing more IP protection

7. Getting quotes

Once we have identified some great potential Chinese suppliers, it’s time to get detailed quotes. This is only possible if we give the factory all

6. Initial supplier visits – part 2

Continuing on from our last post, when visiting suppliers we look out for the following: ·          Packing – We want to know whether they will protect products in

2. Gathering Client Samples

The first step in manufacturing a production ready sample of your product is to gather samples from you. This is a crucial step as it

1. Complete Chinese manufacturing solution

China Connect is the complete solution for manufacturing your smart consumer technology in China. Through our extensive relationships and supplier network, we provide bespoke end-to-end